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Handmade Moroccan Red Cushion Cover-Sabra Silk Pillow

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Handmade Moroccan Red Cushion Cover-Sabra Silk Pillow


Immerse yourself in the essence of Moroccan tradition with our Handmade Moroccan Red Cushion Cover. Woven from luxurious Sabra Silk by skilled artisans, this vibrant accessory, dyed in a lively shade of red, adds an exotic touch to any room. Featuring intricate hand-stitched Berber patterns and a hidden zipper closure, it’s not only a decorative piece but a slice of Moroccan heritage right in your home. Measures 18 x 18 inches, fitting standard throw pillows.

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Dimensions 45 × 45 cm

Indulge your home with a splash of vibrant color and exotic allure with our Handmade Moroccan Red Cushion Cover, woven from luxurious Sabra Silk. This charming accessory hails from the heart of Morocco, a country renowned for its rich heritage and unmatched artistry in textiles.

Crafted by local artisans, this pillow cover showcases the quintessential Moroccan aesthetic. It's dyed in a striking shade of red, reminiscent of the fiery Marrakesh sunsets, sure to add a unique and eye-catching statement to any room. Its color holds more than just aesthetic appeal; red is considered a symbol of life and joy in Moroccan culture, offering more depth to this beautifully handcrafted item.

Moroccan Red Cushion Cover

The intricate design patterns, inspired by centuries-old Berber symbols, are meticulously hand-stitched, adding a layer of texture and richness. The Sabra Silk used is actually a form of cactus silk, also known as 'vegetable silk'. It's incredibly soft, yet durable and hypoallergenic, making it a superb choice for households sensitive to allergens.

Our cushion cover measures 18 x 18 inches, a perfect size to fit standard throw pillows. It features a hidden zipper closure, allowing for easy removal and insertion of your pillow insert. Please note that as this is a handmade product, slight variations in design, color, and size are to be expected, making each cover truly unique.

Care instructions are simple - Hand wash or dry clean only. Iron on a warm setting. Do not bleach. This care will help retain the color and the intricate embroidery work.

red Sabra Silk Pillow

The Handmade Moroccan Red Cushion Cover: Sabra Silk Pillow not only offers comfort but tells a story of rich tradition and artistry. It's more than just a decorative accessory; it's a piece of Moroccan heritage brought directly to your home. So why wait? Add this splendid accessory to your decor and let its radiance and cultural essence elevate your interiors.

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Dimensions 45 × 45 cm


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